About us

Profit & Exit Solutions Oy Ltd. is an independent company.

Our business sectors are: Energy, Senior Apartments and Hotels. Our main market areas are: Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The company has built direct, well-established relationships with decision-makers: investors, banks, asset management companies and consortia of business intermediaries across Europe.

Our investment portfolio includes more than 200 pre-selected high-quality unlisted companies from Europe, with a turnover from €2Mio. up to €250Mio. Our portfolio also includes ready-made multi-target investment packages from sectors; energy, nursing homes and hotels.

The life cycle stage of your investments is defined in cooperation with you, so the solution is created that it meets your needs.

In accordance with you, we implement customized projects in cooperation with you, as well as purchase or sales programs.

By contacting us, you will get an efficient solution according your needs.