Our services

Central Europe and Scandinavia are a natural expansion for companies and investors from the domestic market, to foreign acquisitions / investments. By investing to abroad, you aim for a better return / risk ratio.

According to your investor profile, you generally diversify your investments;

  1. Indirectly, you make investments through funds or other mass solutions (listed companies)
  2. Directly, direct investments in target companies (unlisted companies) based on your own investment criteria / strategy)
  3. Indirectly & direct, the investments you make are a combination of indirect as well as direct investments


In connection with direct investment in the event of a purchase or sale, we offer you a direct and Senior Level channel to the European market. When using our services, you have access to the direct contract-based cooperation network, that we have built through us in Scandinavia and Central Europe.

Our core competencies are

  1. purchase and sale of commercial real estate (hotels, rental objects and nursing homes
  2. buying and selling responsible companies (Green Energy, ESG)
  3. Hotels


The values of our trading items range from €2Mio. to €250Mio.

Pre-selected investments

The selection of investment targets in our concentrated portfolio is based on a top-down model consisting of 10-20 companies according to the current market situation.

Selection of investment objects – based on your needs

We have mapped the needs of professional investors and built our operations on that basis. Our services are currently used by Nordic and Europe; banks, institutional investors, wealthy families, hotel consultants, and international Advisors.

Our business partners have solid track record. Profit & Exit Solutions Oy Ltd. ensure a stable operating environment for your company.

Our offices

Our offices located in the center of Helsinki, Finland and in the heart of Salzburg, Austria.

By contacting us, you will get an efficient solution according your needs.